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Handmade Business Magazine July 2016

Handmade Business Magazine July 2016


Hi Everyone,

Been awhile 
Life has been very  busy.

I was blessed with a new grandson on the 12/5/2014
Rhys Oliver 
A new brother  for  Eden

I now have two beautiful grand children and they are the so precious

Eden  is now 2 years old

Rhys  3 months old

I have been neglecting my leather a bit, and haven't updated my website 
because I have been getting lots of cuddles from these two lol.

Did ok at The Royal Easter Show this year with a 1st place/3rd place and a highly commended.

Dreamers Markets

Thursday, 6 December 2012
Dreamer Spotlight: Leather Art by Janelle Janelle is a self taught crafter who loves working with leather.

Find Janelle's leather art at the Dreamers Market on 15th December.
Find her on Facebook. Posted by Dreamers Markets at No comments: Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to Facebook Labels: Dreamer spotlight rite your post here.

Eden Grace

My daughter Erin , had a beautiful baby girl
Both are doing very well.
So finally I am a nanny.
Eden arrived 9 days before my 56th birthday.
Our whole family is thrilled
Eden is so precious
Thankyou Erin and James
Eden Grace
1 day old
13 days old modelling a headband with a leather butterfly on it

Ist anniversary of my Web Page Leather Art by Janelle

On the 16/6/2012 I have had my web page for 1 year.
I have now had
Page Views 10187
Visitors 5026
Thank you all so much for your support.
It has exceeded all my expectations.
I started it as I found myself lost without   Dean when he left for England and thought I would try and get my business up and running too keep my self busy.
When I do leatherwork I lose myself of hours as I concentrate on creating what ever I'm making. So take warning, he leaves again at the end of June for another year so be prepared for a lot of new items lol.


Hi All,
Just thought I'd update on my progress after having shoulder surgery.
Doctor says all went well and I now have my arm out of sling and am able to do alot more but no lifting.
I am having Physio and although painful am coming along nicely.
My eldest son Gavin, my daughter Erin, son in law James and my husband Steve have all been taking excellent care of me.
I walk into my leatherwork room and smell the leather and so want to pick up tools and create.
On the positive side while I haven't been able to use my arm I have been using my mind to create and hopefully I will get a whole new range of jewellery made soon.


Well it's been awhile
I have had shoulder surgery, according to the Dr it has all gone well.
No chance of doing any leatherwork as my right arm has been in a sling for just over 2 weeks and another 4 weeks to go. I am bored silly and itching to create .
It is possible that it will be at least 6 months before I can start doing it again.
A bit depressing.
On a happier note the birth of my first grandchild is fast approaching only around 10 weeks to go. My daughter, Erin is doing extremely well and baby's heart beat is strong.


 I am sorry that I haven't posted any new items but I have been sick and as a consequence of this the operation on my shoulder has now been postponed to the 20th March.
I can now take orders until the middle of March so if you see anything you like or have a design that you would like on any leather item please let me know.
Leather Art by Janelle is now taking custom orders.


My youngest son Dean is 26 today and on the other side of the world.
This is the first birthday that I haven't shared with him.
Happy Birthday Dean
Have a great Birthday Jel, love you heaps xoxoox

January 2012

Another year, 2012 is here .
I had a very quite New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.
My husband , Steve and our son Gavin left just after the new year had dawned to go out on the boat fishing. Caught a couple of keepers and alot of the too small variety, got sunburnt and returned home around 8pm just in time to enjoy a meal with me, my daughter Erin and son-in-law James. Thank you Erin and James the meal was excellent.
My son Dean rang from England at 5am and it was good to hear him, we are all missing him so much.

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Handmade Business Magazine July 2016
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Eden Grace
Ist anniversary of my Web Page Leather Art by Janelle
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