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24/9/11 - 3 months to Christmas

               My website is about 3 months old now and has had 614 visitors
               BUT only two people have entered in my guest book.
               If you drop by please let me know what you think. 
               Your feedback could help to improve the website and my business.
               My niece Megan is marrying Scott today
              My son Dean has been in England for almost 4 months
               I miss him so much
               My daughter Erin and son-in law James are celebrating their 2nd       
               wedding anniversary this week
               Christmas is only three months away , the year has flown by.
               I come from a large close family and now with my neices and nephews
               starting their families I have an even larger Christmas list.
               I absolutely love Christmas 
               I have just finished the last of the birthday presents for my sisters
               and sister-in-law.
               I made each of them a handcarved and painted  leather wallet .
               So now what to make them for a Christmas gift .
               If you are looking for some ideas for your shopping list
               I have some pre-made leather items on my for sale page, hopefully will add
               more next week.
               If you would like a wallet etc personalised with intials or name
               or a special design or colour I do custom orders.
               I have alot of designs and styles for leather handbags,wallets ,ipad and ipod
               cases,stubby holders , keycases,coin purses, wristbands, eyeglasses cases,
               address books,orgainisers,belts,jewellery,flasks,headbands ,hairpieces ,
               frames,photo albums,mirrors,mirror compacts with leather insert and more.
               All are handmade,handcarved quality leather goods, laced or stitched,painted
               or plain dyed.
               Most orders will be completed within 2 weeks  
               Will post worldwide -postage extra.
               Please feel free to contact me if you have an inquiry
               Well it's 3 am should go to bed
               I have a wedding to go too 
               Have a good weekend

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