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Well it's been awhile
I have had shoulder surgery, according to the Dr it has all gone well.
No chance of doing any leatherwork as my right arm has been in a sling for just over 2 weeks and another 4 weeks to go. I am bored silly and itching to create .
It is possible that it will be at least 6 months before I can start doing it again.
A bit depressing.
On a happier note the birth of my first grandchild is fast approaching only around 10 weeks to go. My daughter, Erin is doing extremely well and baby's heart beat is strong.
So excited.
I don't think I can describe how I feel about the fact that my youngest son Dean is coming home for a visit and too meet his new nephew or niece. I haven't seen him since last June. I've booked his flight so now it seems so much closer. Can't wait for June.
I put a few entries in the Royal Easter Show but unfortunately no prizes. Never mind ,shoulder injury has made it very hard for quite awhile so i'll try and do better next year when I'm all healed.
Typing left handed is very slow so I'll finish now but will keep you updated as to when I can take orders again.
Wishing you all a very happy and safe Easter.

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